Take back your child’s breakfast

It is a technologically saturated world we live in. Not much in our world is free from the slithering tendrils of modern technology. We wear rubberized bracelets that track our daily activity, only to be uploaded to an app and either forgotten or archived. We eat ultra-processed energy supplements instead of organic snacks. Our pets are implanted with their own microchips instead of dog tags. Our cars are nothing more than rolling hard drives. Our cell phones can display our present location to anyone we allow access to. Lest we become luddites, there is not a lot we can do to take privacy and anonymity back from the world we live in.

Food is one aspect of our lives we can control, especially for the most precious little lives, our children. Our children depend on us for shelter, guidance, and safety. Isn’t it time that we take back our children's cereal from sugar saturated breakfasts? Tradition and popular culture dictate that a bowl of stale, aerated, corn syrup impregnated, puffed gluten balls is an acceptable breakfast for your child. At Nutritive we have a solution. Healthy, organic breakfast cereals. Specifically for children.

Happy Monkey is an organic cereal specifically blended for the developing tastes of our children. Starting the youngest member of society with the correct attitude toward natural health is one of the most responsible things you can do as a parent. We trust the ingredients and philosophy behind our superfood for your children. Give it a try with a free sample and start them down the road to a lifetime of good health.  

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