Preserving the Past

Digital Amnesia -click here for documentary

Produced by: Bregtje van der Haak

Explore the solutions being generated for the unthinkable problems posed by digital information, namely, loosing contact with human history. From a new Rosetta Stone, to a clock which measures years, decades and centuries, as opposed to seconds, hours and days, this documentary gives us a glimpse into what's being done to preserve our history and cure us of our "pathological obsession with the here and now".

Featured is Brewster Kahle, who spent much of his $250 Million fortune to develop what is now called the Internet Archive. It renders a virtual library containing every public webpage ever created, and was started in 1996. 

 Quotes from the Film:

"Thousands of years ago, they wrote things on stone and clay - that could last thousands of years. Hundreds of years ago, they wrote things on paper - which could last hundreds of years. And ten, twenty years ago, they wrote things which clearly have not lasted... What's interesting about the information we make now, is that it's guaranteed to get lost." 

-Alexander Rose, Director at The Long Now, a foundation for archiving human history


"People tell me that the internet is going to destroy libraries, I say "No." the internet is the answer to the librarians dream. The librarians dream has always been, since the time of alexandria, to bring all of the knowledge from all of the world, and put it at the fingertips of he or she who seeks knowledge. Well for the first time, we have a technology that allows it to happen."  

-Dr. Ismail Serageldin, Director at Bibliotecha Alexandrina, a Physical and Virtual Library (pictured below) 






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