Rethink Your Cereal


Cereal has always been a beloved breakfast for people of all ages. Cereal is a quick and easy solution for a meal. You can eat it as breakfast, lunch, dinner, or as a late night snack. It is tasty and filling, although most cereals are not very nutritious. Most cereals are made primarily of sugar, puffed up corn, artificial flavoring, and artificial coloring, which is why the filling part generally doesn't last very long, causing you to eat large quantities while receiving little to no nutritional value. We understand that you can’t and won’t give up your love of cereal, but you don’t need to worry. There is a solution; just upgrade to Chakra organic cereal. Chakra cereal contains more than 13 grams of protein and will leave you feeling full and satisfied for hours to come. Our heart healthy cereal comes in five amazing flavors including sweet cinnamon spice, orange blossom, rose and lemon matcha, maple and blueberry lotus, orange cinnamon raisin, and blueberry maple chocolate.The Happy Monkey is specifically formulated for children.

We care about the health and wellness of you and your family, which is why we put an emphasis on quality before quantity. That is also why we allow you to sample our organic cereal for free before purchasing it. We want to ensure that you will be as happy with Chakra organic cereal as your body will be with the benefits. Chakra Cereal is stacked with nutritious super foods with medicinal properties. Feel the difference of eating Chakra Cereal today!

  • Sahin says...

    Your Oxo images have been some of my faritoves, and this is no exception.As for brand-name breakfast cereals, I remember discussing with my roommate in college how when I got a job, I’d buy “only the best brand names in cereals” and he would “have a deli bar in his kitchen”. I don’t think either thing ever became a reality.

    On February 12, 2016

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