The Truth About Nuclear Power

Renewable energy is a troubling topic. Solar and wind energies could never generate enough to power to light up the world, with roughly 1% of the energy sector currently considered 'Renewable'. Most agree that a big change has to occur for us as a species to continue living, let alone living a life of comfort. 

Nuclear Power, due to private interests, has been advertised and propagated as a demonic force we ought not reckon with. Certainly, there are forms of nuclear power which are more dangerous than we can dismiss. This begs us to ask; What other forms of nuclear power are there? What do nuclear physicists, as opposed to news anchors, have to say about them? 

Years ago, the combustion engine was a dangerous device. Advancements in science and technology have allowed us to tame the dangers and create a tool for ourselves. Perhaps Nuclear Power, once the dangers have been managed, can become a great tool for humanity, also.

Watch Theorium: An Energy Solution for a wonderfully optimistic slice of what life might be like, if we spread the word and take action accordingly.

A short and sweet version of the same science can be found here "The Thorium Dream"

Some documents worth reviewing can be found at "Thorium Energy Alliance" online.