Crown Chakra Superfood Cereal


Product Description


The Crown Chakra Cereal is your go-to breakfast for greeting a busy morning with peace of mind. 

Maple and Blueberry are used to 'disguise' the heavy, earthen flavor of a polyherbal formula borne of Ayurveda which has seen great success in Western Scientific Studies for its tremendous antianxyolitic (anti anxiety) and cortisol reducing impact.

Expect a more peaceful state of mind, resolve and clarity, when you treat yourself well at breakfast, especially with The Crown Chakra Cereal.

Nutritive Breakfasts are made Fresh, with unrefined ingredients so that the precious Oils, Nutrients and Vitamins are bioavailable and preserved. Providing Fresh, Nutrient-Rich Breakfasts is our specialty. 

How you greet the day determines how the day greets you - so rise and shine with a Raw, Sprouted, Gluten-Free Breakfast designed by Nutritionists. 

Did you know...

When you skip breakfast, or have coffee on an empty stomach, your physiological response is akin to 'fight-or-flight'. This inhibits your ability to think decisively and clearly, to digest food properly, to breathe deeply - which makes it extremely difficult to create a great day.

By incorporating the wisdom of Ayurveda and the science of Nutrition in your diet first thing in the morning, you can give yourself a real boost in energy, optimism and overall health. That's where The Crown Chakra Cereal comes in handy!


Crown Chakra Cereal Feature Ingredients:

HOLY BASIL - Neuro-protective, Antianxyolitic, Anticarcinogenic, Antioxidant
ASHWAGANDHA - Adaptogenic, Endocrine Rejuvenative, Neuro-protective, Antianxyolitic
MUCUNA - Stimulates Dopamine Production, Stabilizes mood, 
SHILAJIT - Mineral Pitch, CNS Fortifying
RHODIOLA - Stabilizes Serotonin and Dopamine Production, Reduces Cortisol Levels, Antianxyolitic, Neuro-protective, Adaptogenic
LIONS MANE - Repairs Nerve Damage in the Brain,


Serving Suggestions:
  • -When blueberries are in season, feel free to get creative and involved by blending them up in your homemade almond or coconut milk!
  • Add Some fresh Walnuts or Hemp Seeds (which should be kept frozen to preserve those precious oils, remember)  
  • Eat it as a snack on the go
  • Add a little to porridge, without cooking the cereal


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