The Happy Monkey - Original Superfood Cereal for Kids


Product Description

Sprouted Buckwheat, Sunflower and Pumpkin Seeds deliver optimal levels of Protein, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Selenium, Calcium and numerous Vitamins to children in a fun and new way. Happy Monkey is a Ce-real that lets kids See-Real ingredients, helping them learn about whole, unrefined foods and their importance in the diet. Raw, bioavalable nutrients are the key to long-term health and wellness. 

Happy Monkey Vision:

The Happy Monkey Comic and e-Book will capture the imaginations of children, showing them why making healthy choices is important to them. We're currently raising capital to produce the first comic series, please contact us if you're interested in helping us to achieve this goal. Our intended launch is June 2016. We have already paid for the initial graphic design and story, and can't wait to engage children in The Adventures of Celestine - The Happy Monkey Comic. 

Who is the Happy Monkey?

The Happy Monkey is a female superhero named Celestine. She represents the rise of feminine values, to contrast the archetypal male figure children are typically exposed to. Celestine takes kids through farms and jungles on her magic banana leaf, teaching them about the wonders of food and nutrition along the way. An Indigo-colored monkey, Celestine embodies the virtues of the Indigo Children, and is here to impart upon them something they already know. Stay tuned to find out how wise and wonderful Happy Monkey can be!

Support our mission of providing holistic nutrition designed for kids on our kickstarter page, launching soon. Contact us to find out how you can help. Request a Free Sample.


What People Are Saying...


Angela Torre:

My 9 & 8 year old kids absolutely loved it this morning. My 3 year old even had a second serving. It was a hit in our household!! Great job & we'll continue to keep the Happy Monkey well stocked here.


Lauren Wahler:

Found this in the Kootenay Co-op after a music festival, it saved my life!! Thank you!!!


Jenn Silver:

Thanks Nutritive!

My baby girl is loving the Happy Monkey!


Amber Streukens:

I love Nutritive because it makes me feel alive! The cereals are so energizing and balancing, not to mention delicious and beautiful. It is perfect nutritional bliss. My whole family loves it!